Golden Road

by Laney Jones

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(free) 03:15


released July 12, 2013

All music and lyrics written by Laney Jones except: "Broken Hearts" music and lyrics by Laney Jones and Matthew Tonner.

This recording was produced by Laney Jones and Matthew Tonner
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by William Snyder at Real Feel Recording
Album Art by Jessie Barnes

Laney Jones sang and played banjo, ukulele, harmonica & kazoo
Matthew Tonner played acoustic guitar & sang
David Vanegas played bass guitar & bass fiddle
Tommy Shugart played lead guitar & cello
Paul Terry played drum set
Chelsea Appel sang backing vocals
Daniel Flick played fiddle & mandolin
Justin Braun played djembe, tambourine & shaker



all rights reserved


Laney Jones Mount Dora, Florida


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Track Name: Broken Hearts
Flower you used to shine
Shine in the sun
As you did in ancient times
When life had just begun

Flower you used to grow
High above the rest
Now you’re in a mason jar
Facing towards the West

Broken hearts are always breaking
Weary eyes chase the past
Only they can turn back time...
To make the moment last

Spring is coming on
Smell the sweet perfume
From your window pedestal
You watch the flowers bloom

Summer has come and gone
Gone away too soon
Left you in an autumn haze
Longing for the moon

Broken hearts are always breaking
Weary eyes chase the past
Only they could turn back time...
To make the moment last
Track Name: Devil Down
Like water slippin’ thru my hands
You keep running off with Sam
I don’t know where you going and I don't care
Run to the graveyard, I’ll see you there
You got your momma’s eyes and your daddy’s nose
But you got the devil way down in your soul

Rooster crows in the dead of night
Look to my left and jump to my right
Fire a commin’ way down the road
When lord made you, he broke the mold
Cents on the dollar and a dollar to my name
Since I met you I ain’t been the same

Lord I’m so tire of my gamblin’ man
Runs out of town, he don’t give a damn
If I could, I’d just get up and leave
But he’s really got a hold of me

Birds of a feather gonna flock together
And I guess it ain’t gonna get much better than my
Gamblin’ man from Tennessee
With his momma’s eyes and his daddy’s ways
And the devil way down in his soul

Lord I’m so tired I haven't slept all week
I climbed the mountain top
Oh I’ve just reached the peak
Think I may jump right on in
Cause nothin’ can satisfy him

It’s a pauper’s game he’s playin’ with my heart
A killer bee sting is worse than his bark
I ain’t gonna buy those lies that he sells
With his momma’s eyes and his daddy’s nose
And the devil way down in his soul
Track Name: Black Coffee
Sal’s in the kitchen
Been there all night long
Nursing that whiskey
Humming the devil’s songs
Drinking black coffee
All night long
Lord knows you’re sober
By the crack of dawn

No peace in the valley
No sun on the shores
No planes in the sky
It must be another way
Drinking black coffee
To get me through
Ain’t got no sugar
Miss Sally ain’t got none too

Head will be an aching
A buzzing in my ear
Hands are shaking
Lord it’s been a year
Drinking black coffee
To keep me warm
It keeps me company
Since my babes been gone

Hot as fire
Black as crow
Gonna fill my cup
Nice and slow
Black coffee
Nothing else will do
Gonna drink it down
That bitter brew
Track Name: Child Of The Beast
I have waited oh so long
For my father to come home
I have waited all alone
In this world I barely know

I was just a child of three
When my mother said to me
You must go into the woods
Stop the beast just as I should have

When I came into the woods
I found a land so beautiful
The leaves all sang as the rain came down
I felt at peace with the ground

Years I stayed getting strong
Waiting for the beast to come
The wise oak then revealed to me
That I’m the child of the beast
Like a dagger in my chest
Sewn red letter on my vest
How could I be the thing
Me, the child of the beast

There he stood axe in hand
Father beast was just a man
Who couldn’t see the beauty around
He couldn’t hear the rain singing down

Rise no more
Rise no more
No more
Track Name: Rise No More
Whispered words were carried by the wind
As your soul pressed down as you ran away with him
While the world you held was slippin’ away

Calling crows had knocked upon your door
As you hid inside and tried to ignore
But you held on closely to you guns

Rise no more
I sing rise no more

For your heart was weakened by the wild
For you were just child
Once so weak and so mild
Now you’ll rise no more

Winter came and chilled you to the bone
I called your name to come on home
But you couldn’t hear my cries

In the wild you once felt at peace
But a storm had come forced you to your knees
Now it won't be long for you to

Rise no more
For you to rise no more

Spring has come and washed away the gray
Turned darkness into day
All with the month of may
You’ll toil no more
Track Name: Pour Out The Whiskey
Pour out the whiskey from last night
Take out the garbage
Turn off the light
Pull off the needle playing low
Turn it off and let it go

It’s over now...

It’s creepin’ in before too long
Burns the eyes as it paints the walls
Pull the covers
Draw the drapes
And with another sniff of the ‘caine

It’s over now...
Like a flower that’s caught in the weeds
Or a ship that is lost out at sea
Oh I’m just a sittin’ in the thick of it all
Watchin’ the curtain for my final call
Cause it’s over now
Track Name: Rock-A-Bye Sea
Sparrow keep on singin’ your sweet old song
It helps me forget what is gone
Sun keep on shinin’
It helps me to see what’s ahead

Cause I’ve been down
The path of least resistance
I was hopelessly passive
But I’ve turned myself around

Babe keep on cryin’
It helps me believe that I was so small
Now that I’m grown I have forgotten
What I had learned so long ago

And as my boat rolls out
It’ll carry all your doubts
On the rock-a-bye sea
You’ll see me throwin’ them out
On the rock-a-bye sea
You’ll see me throwin’ them out

River keep on runnin’
Through the mountains and dales below
Oh something inside me says I should follow
Where ever you decide to flow

And though the path is unclear
Let fate take the wheel and steer
Towards the rock-a-bye sea
That’s where I’m bound to be
Look towards the rock-a-bye sea and you’ll see me
Track Name: Nothing At All
When the well runs out and this land goes dry
You’ll sit and stare at the awful sky
Cause they’re coming up fast and they’re coming up close
And you hold onto the ones you love the most

Oh just hold my hand
And understand
That I don’t really care
‘bout nothing at all

The little old people in the little town square
With their great big smiles and their big heavy cares
They’ll smirk at me gently and I’ll smirk at them back
But behind closed doors it’s a full-fledged attack

And they’ll remain the same
It’s how they’ll stay
So I don’t really care
‘bout nothing at all

The mountains are calling hear that echoing sound
And I wanna see the fresh snow on the ground
‘Stead of blood that’s always bleeding from my head to my heart
I want to reach the peak before this world goes dark

But night has come and gone
It’s moved on
Now I don’t really care
‘bout nothing at all

You could give me flowers or a handsome groom
And a nice redecorated living room
But I could really care less and I’ll tell you why
If the world’s gonna end at the blink of an eye

Then I really don't mind
I’ve had my time in the sunshine
I’ll be doing just fine
Cause I don’t really care
‘bout nothing at all
No I don't really care
‘bout nothing at all
Track Name: Shallow Pockets
Shadows livin’ in the door way
Standin’ ‘bout half way between the earth and sky
Lovers lyin’ in the daisies
Hopin’ that maybe they’ll be together soon
My hands are cleaner that the law man’s
And the fair maidens who sell their souls for gold

I walk for miles
On empty highways
Cause that’s just my way
Of being free
Ain’t got nothing
Except shallow pockets
Full of impossibilities
Won’t you set me free

Babies born every hour
Cryin’ even louder than the years they did before
I don’t work for no one
Except that morning sun that keeps that shadows at bay

My life long hunger
Ain’t for nothing
Cause I got something
That’s being free
Dreams went to shatter
But that don’t matter
As long as I am free
Won’t you set free
Track Name: Livin' For Today
Oh baby don’t it feel so grand
Just a sittin’ holding your hand
Don’t the future seem so far away
Cause I am living for today

Throw your troubles down a wishing well
Put a penny in your show
And for good measure, for worse or for better
Hum this little happy tune

Dressed by the moonlight, those silver seams
Love is a feeling and life a routine
But when you hear that band playing
All the world is really saying

Stumble down that golden road
Step by step you’ll dance a mile
And all the while child you can smile and say
That you have lived it for today

Maybe it’s wrong or maybe it’s right
Maybe it’s a shade of blue in the night
But when you get to those pearly gates
You have lived it for today